What Does 'Sustainable' Mean, and why is it important For My Dog Products?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

At Chomp Dog Shop, we take our commitment to finding the best products beyond what is best for your dog. We also take into consideration how those products were made, where, and what that means for our planet.


To define 'sustainable', we must first differentiate it from ‘eco-friendly’. Eco-friendly means that is was manufactured or produced in such a way that does not cause harm to the environment. All of our products that we carry are eco-friendly. Additionally, the way we ship, our packaging, and how we conduct our business is also very eco-friendly. Sustainable products are all eco-friendly, but not all eco-friendly products are sustainable. 


Sustainability takes eco-friendly much further and has much higher standards. Sustainable products include eco-friendly products but it also means that the manufacturing process does not compromise the ability of future generations to manufacture or produce those same goods. 

The Paper Towel Example

The easiest example to show eco-friendly vs. sustainable is conventional paper towels vs. bamboo paper towels. 

We harvest trees in order to produce conventional paper towels. Some companies advertise that they are ‘green’ because they use solar power, recycled packaging, and other eco-friendly manufacturing processes but the long and short of all of it is that the actual product is not sustainable because the rate at which we need to harvest trees to make enough of the paper towels is never less than the time it takes for us to replace the tree we harvested to make the paper towel. Said differently, we will always need more deforestation to make enough paper towels for everyone. Furthermore, we use lots of fertilizers and chemicals to make them grow faster. We use lots of fuel to cut them down and get them to the plant to make the product. The list goes on…

Bamboo, on the other hand, is a sustainable grass source for products like paper towels (sheets, toilet paper, and lots of other great products too!). The rate at which bamboo is grown, harvested, and how much oxygen it puts out relative to its size makes it a much better and more responsible source for paper towels. It doesn’t need to be replanted when it is cut, it grows fast, needs very little water, and does not need any extra chemicals or fertilizers. It can be planted and harvested like a crop instead of a forest, which saves valuable eco-systems.

Obviously, the caveat here is that- the MOST sustainable product would be to not need disposable towels at all; and instead opt for reusable bamboo products. But alas, the purpose of this article is to discuss sustainable, reusable products so no further investigation is needed here!

Our Shop

At Chomp Dog Shop we do our best to make sure we are as eco-friendly as possible. We also choose sustainable companies to partner with. Our packaging is recycled, our promotional materials are mostly digital but recycled and recyclable where possible. 

Also, when you choose to support a company like ours, you are supporting individuals who value and support other sustainable and eco-friendly companies. From the food we buy to the way we travel- we carry those values from our company into our personal life. 

Bamboo Collars, Leads, and Harnesses

Our bamboo collars, harnesses, and leads are functional and sustainable. By choosing bamboo instead of cotton we can cut down on how much water, chemicals, and fertilizers we need to make the collars. 

Orbee-Tuff Toys

Planet Dog has been leading the way since 1997. Not only are all their products eco-friendly, but they are also sustainable. They are founding members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. The PSC is an industry-wide collaboration to provide tools and education to accelerate environmental and social sustainability. 

Here are some of their current sustainability efforts as outlined on their website: 

Current Sustainability Efforts

Stuffed Chew Toys

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P.L.A.Y. is a B-Corp company that uses PlanetFill® polyfiber which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The plastic stays out of landfills and our oceans and is instead made into comfy beds and fun stuffed chewies for your dog. All the tags they use are from recycled paper and they even use renewable energy at their headquarters. 

Dog Chews

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Summit Antler Chews is a completely sustainable product because they have no manufacturing. Their product is also a completely renewable, cruelty free source. Every year, male elk grow a set of antlers. They use them throughout the fall and winter for establishing dominance with other males and impressing ladies (cow elk) come mating season. In the springtime, they fall off. Shed hunters hike out on foot to find these sheds and carry them out using man-power (very eco-friendly). The antlers are then cut up and sold as all-natural dog chews. The entire process is very green and because it has no impact on the elk, or the elk habitat- they can proudly say that it is sustainable in the most honest way. Additionally, antlers are consumable/biodegradable so there is no impact to the environment in that way either.

Dog Treats

Polkadog is a dog treat company that sources their treats from renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly sources. Their cod skin crunchy snacks are made from wild fish that were harvested in-season on small boats in Alaska. No farming operations, no mass production, no nets left out to see to drown whales. Their clam chowda’ snacks are made from Quahog clams. Clams inherently are sustainable and can be harvested very eco-consciously.


It’s hard to say what decisions we make now will have the biggest impact beyond our lifetime. But it’s easy to see that making the decision to seek out sustainable products in favor of ones we know to be unsustainable now is an obvious choice. And frankly, it’s never been easier. The availability, quality, and pricing of sustainable and eco-friendly products keep growing and we are proud to support and partner with companies that share our values.