Best Edible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Does your dog seem to demolish every toy you buy? Keep reading to get our picks for the toughest dog chews around.

Why Do Dogs Like To Chew?

Dogs like to chew for several reasons. Puppies like to chew to ease the pain of new teeth coming in. Older dogs are motivated by natural behaviors that serve to keep their teeth clean and jaws strong. Chewing is also a behavior that relieves boredom or anxiety and even expresses frustration.

Excessive Chewing

Excessive chewing is different than normal chewing. Excessive chewing can be destructive to your house and require behavior modifications. Things like fabric sucking, separation anxiety, and hunger can cause your dog to destructively chew things around your house. For more information on how to correct your dog's excessive and destructive chewing, reach out to a dog behavioral specialist.

Normal Chewing

The purpose of this article is to discuss the best products for normal chewers. Both wild and domestic dogs naturally chew for hours each day. The best way to make sure that your dog is chewing things that are meant to be chewed (unlike sticks that can get lodged, your furniture, shoes, etc.) is to keep a good supply of chews available for your dog daily.

Rotating through a few different kinds of chews will help keep your dog interested in each chew as they may become bored with chewing the same thing each day. Mental stimulation is often the goal of chewing.

Edible dog chews

Dog chews can be broken into two categories: edible and inedible. Edible dog chews are ones that can be digested. With edible chews, it is important to be aware of their propensity to splinter and split as well as ability to cause digestive issues.

Beef Bones splinter and split as they start to break down. The reason for this is the extracellular matrix. The extracellular matrix can be described simply as the way the cells are linked together, much like scaffolding in a building. When the scaffolding breaks, it does so in a splintered like shape. Additionally, beef bone marrow is made of fat. Consuming large amounts of fat at one time can cause your dog digestive upset which can lead to diarrhea.

Rawhides are non-digestible but edible. This means that your dog can swallow it but it will pass without transferring any nutrients or benefitting your dog in any way. Often times, rawhides are bleached with chemicals and preservatives, synthetic chemical flavors are added, and the source of these chews (transparency) is not known. There have been several recalls over the years linked to rawhides. Rawhides also become gooey as your dog chews and is highly likely to cause choking if your dog were to swallow a longer piece.

By-product Chews are natural dog products that are the result of using a part of an animal that would have been waste otherwise when the animal is processed. Things like: chicken feet, trachea, bully sticks, and pig ears are great examples.

Chews in this category can be very good for your dog but it's important to buy from reputable sources. Our bully sticks are from South America, the cattle company we source these from are very transparent in their manufacturing and processing. Additionally, our bully sticks are odor-free which means that the pizzle is drained before drying. This creates an even more high-quality treat that is full of beneficial ingredients like protein, iron, and collagen. Bully sticks will last your dog anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours and are best if chewed while your dog is supervised. The bigger the stick, the longer it will last your dog. Click on any of the pictures below to shop our selection of all-natural, high-quality, odor-free bully sticks.

Yak Chews are long-lasting all-natural dog chews made from 100% yak milk. The milk is dried into bars using an ancient recipe. Our yak chews are independently tested for quality. Yak chews eventually break off but as your dog chews they are gentle on their stomach because they are made of milk. These chews are best suited to be chewed while you are supervising your dog. Dogs will typically work though a yak chew in 2 weeks' time. Any piece that is removed from the main bar of yak chew can be placed in the microwave for 15 seconds and it will create a crunchy puffed cheese snack! Disclaimer- these are for your dog and not for human consumption!

Antler Dog Chews are some of the longest-lasting edible dog chews on our list. They will typically last a dog anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. Super aggressive chewers will get less time but their owners tell us how happy they are that they lasted as long as they did. Our antler dog chews are all-natural with no added chemicals, dyes, or preservatives. Unlike beef bones that splinter, the extracellular matrix of the antler makes it so that when your dog chews the antler is actually grinds down into a paste (natural toothpaste!) instead of splintering.

Antlers are best for dogs that are super heavy chewers but should be avoided with dogs that habitually try to 'snap' their dog bones using their back molars. When in doubt order a bigger size so your dog can't try to 'snap' the antler.

Antlers are a great source of natural minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. They're also a good source of naturally occurring glucosamine.

Lastly, our antlers are cruelty-free. Elk grow and shed a pair of antlers each year, shed hunters go out and collect the fallen sheds in the wild. All of our antlers are sourced from the USA.


Providing your puppy or dog with lots of chew toys will help your dog fulfill their natural urges to chew. It will also help them to ease anxiety, reduce boredom, clean their teeth, and help keep their jaw strong.

When looking for edible dog chews, it is important to factor in safety. Both mechanically and chemically, the dog chew needs to be safe for your dog. Finding chews that don't splinter or are prone to making your dog choke is essential. Additionally, your dog chews need to be made in a traceable way that ensures their quality, safety, and business transparency. One great way to do that is to buy from American companies and choose USA-made products where available. Another great way is to choose products that are all-natural with no added chemicals.

We hope you have found this article helpful in finding dog chews for your aggressive chewer. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have further questions. You can email us at:

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