Our Company Mission

Our company's mission is simple: We think dogs deserve the best. 

The fancy dog collars are great, but we think dogs deserve to be shown appreciation in the ways that they recognize. In delicious chews, yummy bones, comfy warm beds, nutritious treats, and durable safe fun toys. 

We also think most people agree with us. 

But it's hard to know what is actually healthy and safe with all of the misinformation and lacking FDA regulations for pet products. 

So our company's mission is to supply you with only the best products for your dog. 

We have curated this online boutique to include only the best, safest, and healthiest treats, toys, bones, and gear for your dog. We look for biologically appropriate and safe products that meet our rigorous standard for B-corp, organic, all-natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly initiatives. 

Once we find a product, it moves on to our two dogs to give it their 2 paws up! 

We don't carry every product, but we do carry all the best products. 

We promise you'll find what you need to make your dog a happy dog on this site!