Our Story

In 2012 we adopted a rambunctious yellow lab puppy named Cooper. It wasn't long before he was chewing on everything and anything we owned- including our fingers and toes. In complete desperation, we started searching for healthy and sustainably sourced products for him. 

What we found was that there was a lot of misinformation about what was healthy, safe, and beneficial. With that, we launched our first company Summit Antler Chews and made it our mission to provide your dogs with only the most exceptional products that we would give our own dogs.

...and boy were they happy to become the official quality control team! 

8 years have passed. We have added an adopted mutt, Peanut to the pack, got married, and had a baby! 


Now we bring you another site full of the same great quality products that are sustainably sourced from the USA, welcome to Chomp Dog Shop.


We love being able to bring you the best quality at the best prices! 

Thanks for stopping by,

The Chomp Dog Shop Team

Patrick, Anjalyn, Finn, Cooper, & Peanut

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